Gun Control and Open Carry in San Antonio

            The topic of gun control is one of heated debate. This article describes when citizens in San Antonio stood up for their right to publicly bear firearms, as well as the startling effect that their outward display of weapons had on other bystanders. Personally, I understand both stances of the citizens who responded to this display, and I can relate with the feelings of those on both sides of the debate on gun control. When it comes down to it, however, I stand by our second amendment, which grants citizens the right to own and bear firearms, and I do not think that removing firearms from the possession of US citizens will significantly solve or prevent shooting tragedies. However, as it relates to the San Antonio case, and in the case of states who allow open-carry, I feel that this allowance poses certain risks. First, police officers who observe a large group of citizens that are openly carrying firearms have no way to tell if those citizens have legal licensure to carry the weapon (i.e., their Concealed Handgun License, or CHL, which allows them to carry the weapon outside of their house or car), and it would be too troublesome to ask to see every individual’s CHL. Second, firearms that are simply flung across a person’s back while they are standing or eating, or guns that are just sticking out of a person’s pocket while they are walking, are at risk to be easily seized by someone wanting to use the firearm for destruction. I believe that states who allow open carry should enforce a way for officers to easily recognize if the carrier has a CHL and should require that the firearms be securely fastened to the individual so that it could not be stolen or taken into the hands of a dangerous individual. 


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